40 Students Throughout New York State to Receive Full-Tuition Scholarship, Empowering the Future of Advanced Manufacturing

August 16, 2022

Plattsburgh, NY – 08/16/22: As workforce needs continue to evolve and talent remains in high demand, the North Country Workforce Partnership, Inc (NCWP), in partnership with Clinton Community College (CCC) and the North American Center of Excellence for Transportation Equipment (NAmTrans), a subsidiary of the North Country Chamber of Commerce, announces an innovative Advanced Manufacturing program designed to attract and train the future of New York State’s workforce. This program aims to re-imagine what is possible with this rewarding and sustainable career track training and provides microcredentials that will advance individuals in their career development.

Xometry, the digital marketplace connecting enterprise buyers with suppliers of manufacturing services, is committed to providing full tuition scholarships for up to 40 CCC students throughout New York State. In addition, this program may help cover books, housing, childcare, and transportation for eligible students. The financial support is part of Xometry’s mission-driven pledge to donate a portion of its equity to create opportunities for the next generation of manufacturing innovators, who will help build a more sustainable future.

“The Advanced Manufacturing Scholarship program provides critical funding to students of all ages in our own backyard,” said Sylvie Nelson, NCWP Executive Director, “Whether it’s someone graduating from high school or a seasoned worker in need of a career change, this program offers a chance to embrace a growing market with plenty of opportunity for advancement. We are so proud of our partnership with Xometry, Clinton Community College, and NAmTrans that has made this happen!”

Manufacturing is a major employer in the state of New York and in North Country specifically, accounting for almost 700,000 jobs statewide, according to data from Industry Select. The Institute of Advanced Manufacturing at Clinton Community College provides state-of-the-art training facilities for students to embrace their new career trajectory. The provided microcredential will position individuals to thrive in their new, sustainable career at one of New York’s premiere employers.

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"This partnership between the North Country Workforce Partnership (NCWP), Xometry, and Clinton Community College is yet another excellent example of how the North Country comes together to solve complex workforce challenges," said Joel Wood, Director of NAmTrans. "The generous tuition support provided by Xometry paired with the wide-network of NCWP and the training expertise of Clinton Community College will help prepare up to 40 students to start a new career in our growing manufacturing cluster by providing them with flexible, cost-free training on the most in-demand skills in the industry." 

Starting in fall of 2022, these scholarships will be available to students enrolled in the Advanced Manufacturing microcredential program. “Our local employers need a skilled workforce quickly and people need accessible training that provides them with an accelerated pathway towards well-paying jobs and promising careers. This program does just that. It will teach, validate, and attest students’ skills, competencies, and readiness for modern manufacturing jobs,” said Dr. Kowal, President of Clinton Community College. 

“The backbone of our domestic economy, manufacturing, requires an increasingly skilled workforce to maintain American competitiveness now and for generations to come,” said Laurence Zuriff, co-Founder of Xometry and managing director of Xometry’s donor advised fund and ESG initiatives. “Xometry is committed to investing in the talent that will help the United States continue to build the innovative products that fuel our global economy.”

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, who represents New York’s 21st Congressional District has been a champion of workforce development and the manufacturing sector in this region and spoke at the event. The congresswoman is part of the broad bipartisan efforts to invest in these sectors while positioning the North Country as a destination location for established and emerging partners.

“I’m proud to have a long record of supporting and delivering critical investment for North Country workforce development in the greater Plattsburgh region,” Stefanik said. “These full tuition scholarships will invest in forty students in our district to equip and prepare them for their vocations. Thanks to this critical partnership, the future of advanced manufacturing in Upstate New York and the North Country looks bright.”

Assemblyman D. Billy Jones, representing New York’s 115th Assembly district, continues to be an advocate for the employers and workers of the district. In support of this project, Jones noted:

“One of the greatest things about living in the North Country is our willingness to work together to improve our communities. The new partnership between the North Country Workforce Partnership, Clinton Community College, the North American Center for Excellence for Transportation Equipment (NAmTrans) and Xometry to provide 40 students with scholarships is just the most recent example of this type of innovative collaboration. This will not only help local manufacturing companies recruit and retain a workforce but will also help students of all ages find good-paying jobs without having to relocate. I am proud to support the North Country Workforce Partnership and Clinton Community College, and to secure funding year after year for NAmTrans so that the manufacturing sector can continue to grow.”

The Advanced Manufacturing program launches in September. Interested applicants can visit for more information.


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The North Country Workforce Partnership, Inc. is a regional workforce and economic development leader, serving as a central hub connecting businesses, organizations, and current and prospective workforce members. NCWP is committed to empowering the North Country’s workforce to thrive through inclusion and diversity. The NCWP supports the North Country Workforce Development Board activities through program development, grants, real estate, and other workforce development-related activities.

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Clinton Community College’s mission is s to provide educational opportunities in an inclusive and safe environment that empower individuals to create their own paths to personal and professional growth. While we embrace our history - 50+ years of academic excellence - we are looking to the future with exciting new academic programs, certificates along with training opportunities in our state-of-the-art facility, the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing. Clinton provides every student the opportunity to work and study with world-class faculty and staff who are ready and willing to help you achieve personal success. Whether you plan to begin a new career or continue on in your education, Clinton Community College gives you the ability to go anywhere YOU want.

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The North American Center of Excellence for Transportation Equipment (NAmTrans) is a strategic subsidiary of the North Country Chamber of Commerce based in Plattsburgh, New York, and is dedicated to serving the large and diverse cluster of over fifty Transportation Equipment and Aerospace manufacturers in the seven-county North Country Region of New York State, as well as, building active working partnerships between this cluster and other Transportation Equipment and Aerospace clusters in New York State, Quebec, Ontario, and beyond.

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