Election 2024: Spotlight on Manufacturing Primary Voters In Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada And Michigan Weigh In On AI, Robotics And Automation In New Xometry, Zogby Strategies Poll

January 11, 2024
  • The Consensus Is Clear: Voters Support Rebuilding America’s Manufacturing Infrastructure And Investing In The Next Generation Of Skilled Workers
  • Between 83% And 87% Of Voters In Each Of The Five States Agree That Manufacturing Is Pivotally Important To The Nation’s Economy
  • More Than 80% Of Voters Agree That Weapons And Defense Systems Should Be Solely Manufactured In The U.S.

NORTH BETHESDA, Md., Jan. 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The overwhelming majority of voters in each of the first five primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada and Michigan agree that manufacturing is pivotally important to the economies of their state and the nation. As presidential primary voting kicks off in Iowa next week, a new poll from Xometry, the AI-powered digital marketplace for manufacturing, and veteran polling firm John Zogby Strategies, reveals clear voter sentiment that rebuilding America’s manufacturing infrastructure requires investments in advanced tech and worker training in automation, robotics and AI.

“As we enter the 2024 election season, the mandate of voters is clear,” said Randy Altschuler, Xometry CEO. “Voters overwhelmingly believe investing in talent and modernizing our manufacturing infrastructure is a strategic imperative that supports communities everywhere and pushes our country forward.”

Poll findings include:

  • South Carolina (94%) leads the pack in saying manufacturing is important to their state’s economy, followed closely by New Hampshire (89%), Michigan (86%), Nevada (85%) and Iowa (84%).
  • Similarly, voters say manufacturing is overwhelmingly important to the nation’s economy, with 87% of voters in South Carolina and Michigan each saying so, followed by Iowa (85%) and New Hampshire and Nevada (83% each).
  • Voters in each of the states also overwhelmingly agree that rebuilding America’s manufacturing infrastructure requires advanced tech (automation, robotics and AI), led by 77% of New Hampshire voters saying so, followed by South Carolina (75%); Iowa (74%); Nevada (72%) and Michigan (71%).
  • That number jumps by as much as 10 percentage points when voters are asked whether weapons and defense systems should be solely manufactured in the U.S., led by 85% of voters in New Hampshire, Nevada and Michigan, followed by 82% of voters in Iowa and South Carolina.
  • Looking to the future, voters in each of the five states overwhelmingly agree that investments in infrastructure and worker training should focus on robotics and automation, led by South Carolinians (76%) followed by 71% of voters in Nevada and Michigan; 70% in New Hampshire and 59% in Iowa.
  • Additionally, voters also agree that workers should be trained in the use of AI when it comes to manufacturing, led by 62% of voters in Nevada, 60% of voters in New Hampshire and South Carolina, 55% of Michiganders and 50% of Iowans.

“From the Rustbelt to sunbelt states, the American electorate believes America, innovation, and production are essential to the American identity and its economic base,” said Jeremy Zogby, Managing Partner of Zogby Strategies. “Long-term tracking of this phenomenon points to a burgeoning desire for a manufacturing resurgence.”

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